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Welcome to NAIL TEN, we have some booking tips for you.

1. Call to made appointment before 1 day

* We will arrange 1 manicurist only for each customer (Include hands and feet services).
2 manicurists arrangement just order by shop manager when have spare manpower.
And we don't accept any request for 2 manicurists at the same time.

* For any appointment please provide the following information:
- How many person (If not specify, considered as one)
- Required services (Please specify required service)
- Manicurist (If not specify the name of maniurist, will be arrange by Nail Ten)
- Date and time of the booking
- Contact mobile number

* We never promise or tell customer that able to come anytime, we suggest to make an appointment.

2. We will have a reminder if possible

Remind call for the appointment before half/one day.
The remind call is not must, even customer cannot got any phone call, the booking was kept and no change.

* For the income of manicurists and give a booking chance for another customers, kindly call us if any booking changes or cancel

3. Guest can be arrive on time or before 5 to 10 minutes.

If late more than 15 minutes, guest may necessary to re-queuing, or to make an appointment again.
(We hope able to provide on time service to all guests arrived on time, sorry for any inconvenience.)

4. Provide Nail Service for you.

* Sometimes guests will be wait 10-30 minutes even she arrived on time, we are extremely apologetic.
May be due to late arrived or unclear service requested by previously guests

We will certainly to do everything to provide service on time, thank you for the kind and understanding to accept any service delay.

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