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Soak Off   Manicure
Hard Gel   Hand Treatment
Nail Art   灰甲

Choose Soak Off Gel Nail - ( FREE Soak Off Gel Removal )
Choose Hard Gel Nail - ( FREE Hard Gel or Soak Off Gel Removal )
** Remove Hard Gel, Choose Soak off Gel / Pro Manicure - Remove Charge $120 **
** Remove Soak Off Gel, Choose Pro Manicure - Remove Charge $100 **

惠顧 Soak Off Gel , 可獲免費 拆Soak Off Gel
惠顧 硬 Gel 甲服務, 可獲免費 拆硬 Gel 或 Soak Off Gel
< 拆甲後不選用以上例明之美甲服務, 側會按價目收取拆甲費用>
** 拆 硬Gel, 選用 Soak Off Gel / 修手, 需收取 $120 硬 Gel 拆除費用 **
** 拆 Soak Off Gel, 選用 修手, 需收取 $100 Soak Off Gel 拆除費用 **

** Web page refresh / update may have delay, prices in the store shall prevail ** *2017*

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